Frequently Asked Questions

Pool School
How does a pool system work? What maintenance is required?  Continue reading

How often should I run and clean my filter?
A dirty filter can have a dramatic effect on circulation. As water passes through the filter, millions of tiny particles cling to the filtration elements. Eventually… Continue reading

CHLORINE – What is its purpose and application?

Disinfection is the most important single factor in maintaining a swimming pool, which is safe and healthy. Chlorine is the most widely applied disinfecting agent and… Continue reading

CONDITIONER OR STABILIZER – What is its purpose and application?

Conditioner or stabilizer is an essential chemical used in the proper disinfection of swimming pools. Its chemical name is cyanuric acid and it forms a protective… Continue reading

ALGAE – What is algae?
Algae are very tiny plants that grow in untreated water. The air contains millions of algae spores that settle into the water. Once present in water they may be recognized… Continue reading

ALGAE – What causes it? What can you do to prevent it?
Algae spores are everywhere. These microscopic single-cell structures are blown into the pool by the wind, washed into the pool by rainfall, or carried into the pool… Continue reading

STAINING – Why is it happening? Can I prevent it?
The mineral content of your water increases every day. This is due to evaporation, which removes only distilled water and leaves the minerals behind. In time… Continue reading

Total hardness is the total amount of dissolved minerals that have built up in your pool. You experience these minerals in other household areas such as… Continue reading

Solar pool covers can be very effective in warming the pool water, thus extending the swimming season. Covering the pool in the early spring will allow you to… Continue reading


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